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Thank you for taking time our website and contribute to the restoration of the Thompson House.   Your contribution is most appreciated and all of your contribution should qualify as a charitable contribution for U.S. tax purposes. 

Your contribution will assist us in preserving a piece of our heritage, which would surely be lost for future generations if we stood by at this time and did nothing.  Not only has the Thompson House been subjected to the ravages of time; but, it has also been designated a “ruin” by the Missouri Parks Department and it is their intention to tear it down.   Your contribution will help make it possible for us to acquire and to preserve this historic asset for future generations to visit and to explore, as many of us have done over the years.

In difficult times, such as this, it is heart warming to know that people are still willing to reach into their pockets to assist others.

Tad F. Trombley, President
Friends of the Thompson House, Inc.
A Missouri non-profit corporation